Monday, April 29, 2019

10 Holidays

  Now, Japanese people are suffering from 10 consecutive holidays! ?
  In Japan, there is a consecutive holiday called Golden Week in early May.
Usually only 3 consecutive holidays will be from May 3rd to 5th.
However, in this year, April 30th, May 1st and May 2nd became national holidays
because the era changes this year. And furthermore, people who become holidays
for up to 10 consecutive holidays because April 27 and 28 are holidays because of Saturday and Sunday and special holidays are also on 29th.
  Many people go on a trip using this long vacation.
  However, everybody hopes to enjoy a trip at the leisure spot, so it is impossible to travel
if you have not booked a hotel for quite a long time.
  Perhaps there is only one such opportunity in life.

  Generally speaking, Japanese people work seriously, I imagine some people feel unconfortable
to spend this 10 holidays. Some people may feel stressed that they can not do anything and can not spend meaningfully. Actually, if you are working as part time job staff, you won't get money
while you are not working. So, I heard on TV that those who are working as part time job staff,
they are not welcomed this long holidays.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Monday, April 1, 2019

The era of "Reiwa" started.

In Japan, there was a huge event today. There may be some people who know in the news. The era of Heisei, which has been used so far, has changed. In Japan, there are two ways of expressing the date, the Christian era and the era symbol. The era changes every time the Emperor changes. The history of the era is old, and more than a thousand years ago, Japanese have used the era. In the history classes of Japan, we learn various eras in the text book.
The present emperor is retired, and the son is to be crowned May 1 of this year. Today, the name of the new era era was announced today. The new era is said to be "Reiwa." "Rei" seems to have the meaning of "fine". "Wa" has a meaning of harmony. We often use the era in our daily life. So far, it has been said that Chinese historical books have often been used to refer to the first issue, but this time it was created by combining the kanji characters that appeared in the oldest songbook called "Manyoshu" in Japan.
The emperor of the Heisei era has dedicated to peace activities, and I thought that it was a good emperor.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Stomack should be 80%

In Japan, there is a word, Hara(stomach) Hachibunme(80%). I hear that this is a word in a book written in the Edo period. When you eat, you shoud not eat until you get full, you should stop at about 80%. By doing so, it seems that you can maintain good health. The average life span of Japanese people is known to be long. I introduced Japanese saying.
Can you tolerate 80%?

Monday, March 18, 2019

Miso pan (bread)

  Miso bread is sold in my hometown. This is something that contains miso in the bread. I think that many people know miso soup, but few people know miso bread. Actually, even Japanese people may not know miso bread so much. My wife is from a nearby prefecture, but I did not know miso bread. My son likes miso bread and eats it well.
 An article may be posted on this blog about once a week.

Sunday, March 10, 2019


   My child has turned 3 years old. From April this year, kindergarten will begin. It is supposed to be in kindergarten or nursery school before elementary school. Japanese parents have to choose between entering kindergarten or putting them into nurseries from an earlier age after the child is 3 years old. In recent years, Japanese economy is not good, so parents of dual acts have increased. There are also such circumstances, it seems that there are many parents to put in nursery school. In my home, we decided to put it in kindergarten from the idea that we want my son to have as long as possible contact time with his mother. My wife has no friends around my house. Because parenting stress tends to accumulate, I think that she can make as many friends as possible after children enter kindergarten.
In Japan, kindergarten starts in April. Elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and other schools all begin in April. The time when school begins may vary from country to country. As the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in April, Japanese people think of the scenery where cherry blossoms bloom when it says entrance ceremony.
When writing this sentence, I used the Google's translation function. I found some words that I needed to correct. But almost of all sentenses may be OK.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Hello, this blog is still alive.

  Today was the day when we eat special rice in our culture.

The name of the rice is "Nana kusa gayu".

I have already introduced the culture before.

   There are seven kinds of vegetables in the rice. We eat it

so that we do not have a cold in this season.

   I did not give it to my son because I was not sure if it's

OK as baby food.

  The rice has no taste. So, the taste is not good. You may

add some salt or soy sauce if you like.