Saturday, April 25, 2015

Don't cut your nail at night !! ~Japanese superstition~

Some people say, "Don't cut your nail at night !!''

This is a superstition in Japan.

"Or you will not be present at your parent's death."
"Or you will die at an early age."

Every superstition does not have a ground.

However, I sometimes hear this superstition.

Anyway, in Japanese, there is a saying "A skilled hawk hides its talons."

Do you have this kind of saying in your culture???


Shantal ForSD said...

Hm, interesting superstition. It is interesting also where those believes come from, isn't it.

In Bulgaria, we have a similar thing - if a pregnant woman cuts her hair she will do damage to her unborn child. So, many pregnant women do not want to risk it and don't cut their hair while they are pregnant.

I don't know where this believe comes from and why exactly hair :)

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

That's interesting.
Every culture has each
own superstition.
I will search Japanese

Anonymous said...

Oh absolutely. I'm Chinese descent (born and grow up in Southeast Asia) so there are a a lot of superstition like that.

Such as don't cut your nail at night (which is ignored now), don't go out if it's raining but the day is sunny and bright, don't sleep facing the mirror, etc