Sunday, August 9, 2015

Japanese lifestyle It has been very hot in Japan now.

  It has been very hot in Japan now.
The temperature is often more then 38 degree.
The plants in the garden may die if you water them.
However, as the outside temperature becomes very high,
you have to do such work early in the morning.
Today, I watered plants in the garden at 5:30 a.m.
  From 13th August to 16th August, it is the special period
in Japan. It is called Obon. People in urban area like Tokyo,
go back to their hometown and spend hours with their parents.
Children spend their grandfather and grandmother during this
period. It is said that the soul of the ancestor come back
to the family only in this period. This custom comes from the
idea of Buddhism.
  I think I have already introduced this Obon before on this blog.

  I go to the Tochigi prefecture where my wife's parents and
relatives live. It is about 2.5 hours by car from my hometown.


Nvaier said...

It's terribly hot here in Poland as well.
The temperature today reached 38C, and the lack of any wind
made it even worse... I've heard that the Japanese summer
is not only very hot, but terribly humid(I remember my teacher
calling it 蒸し暑い). Obon sounds like a good way to keep the family
together... We could use a holiday like that in here. Polish families
(especially in urban areas) tend to grow apart rather quickly.

marimari said...

To Nvaier

My hometown(Gunma prefecture) is very 蒸し暑い now.
It is very uncomfortable...

I thought European countries are cooler than Japan.

Wombat said...

In Sydney, Australia, it was terribly hot in summer. For many days, the temperatures consistently hit 35 - 42 degrees. In other parts of Australia, it was actually much hotter!

Right now it is Autumn but the heat is still continuing. You can still hear the cicadas.