Sunday, September 27, 2015

Foreign Tourists in Japan

  Japanese tour industries are trying to increase the
number of tourists from abroad.
  Chinese tourists buy tons of Japanese goods
when they come to Japan. Now, Japanese people
do not consume like Chinese. Therefore,  home
electric appliance shop and other stores rely on
their buying power.
  The number of foreing tourists have increased
tremendously because Japanese government
has shifted the plicy.
  On the other hand, some troubles have happend
between Japanese resident and foreign tourists.
  This is because of the difference of common sense
between cultures. I watched the news about the problem.
I saw Japanese who are complaining about the garbage
foreign tourists throw away.
  And in my impression, foreing people tend to speak loudly
in public compared to Japanese people.
  I think such difference of consciousness cause the problem
between Japanese and foreign tourists.
  I think this kind of problem often happen everywhere
in the world.


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Anonymous said...

I've visited Japan before. And only after I returned home that I realize that speaking while on subway/bus is considered rude. As tourist it's hard to contain my excitement, so I conversed with my family on bus (although with lower voice). Although, about trash is really annoying. No matter where they come from, people should know better than to throw trash.

While on Japan, I've visited Tokyo, Hakone, Yokohama, Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. And going home with tons of food souvenirs especially Kit Kat with green tea flavour.