Monday, July 15, 2013

Japanese traditional culture ~24~ scribbling in childhood

When I was kid, I like to draw something on paper.
This is one of the scribblings, called "he no he no mo he ji" へのへのもへじ
This is a man's face. And his parts are Japanese character, hiragana
”へhe” ”のno” ”へhe” ”のno” ”もmo” ”へhe” "じji"
じ is the face line.
I am sure you have never heard of this scribbling like above.
But I guess most of Japanese people know this one.


Shantal ForSD said...


In Bulgaria we have something similar that we often draw to our kids when they are very young - but it uses geometry shapes and punctuation marks to draw a whole body. What makes it interesting for kids is that while we draw, we say a funny rhyme that says what you draw.
Unfortunately I can't attache pictures here, it is hard to explain just with words...

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

Oh, I see.
Thanks for sharing.
That's interesting.