Sunday, February 7, 2016

My child was born.

My child was born last month.
I will write something interesting while we raise up him.

In Japan, when a mother has a baby, the hospital gives
her "umbilical cord" if you ask for, as the commemoration.

It seems to be unique to Japanese culture.

Do you have such a culture in your culture?

And parents put it in the box of paulownia wood.

We did so.

However, umbilical cord looks strange.

When people have a child, people visit a shrine to pray for child's

health a few month later.

We are planning to visit to a neighbor shrine in March or April.


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Anonymous said...

I hope your child is doing well and healthy :)
I found your blog today. It's very interesting, I will check it regularly ^^
Have a nice day~

marimari said...

Thank you.^^

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