Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Hello, this blog is still alive.

  Today was the day when we eat special rice in our culture.

The name of the rice is "Nana kusa gayu".

I have already introduced the culture before.

   There are seven kinds of vegetables in the rice. We eat it

so that we do not have a cold in this season.

   I did not give it to my son because I was not sure if it's

OK as baby food.

  The rice has no taste. So, the taste is not good. You may

add some salt or soy sauce if you like.


John said...

Happy New Year!

What are the seven vegetables?

My mother was Japanese so I make mochi but don't know this rice dish.

marimari said...

To John

Do you read Japanese?

 1 せり seri
 2 なずな nazuna
 3 ごぎょう gogyou
 4 はこべら hakobera
 5 ほとけのざ hotokenoza
 6 すずな suzuna
 7 すずしろ suzushiro

You can memorize them.