Sunday, January 5, 2014

My work 14~The sound of dust 3~


Suenaga’s body was trembling.
“Mr.Jougen, I would like to ask something.”
“What’s that?”
“I’ve heard you can communicate with something in a spiritual world.”
“Certainly. Almost all Biwa minstrel can see a spiritual world.”
“You can see?”
“It’s just metaphor. We are blind, so, actually, we can’t see.”
“So, what do you  mean?”
“Everyone who’s not blind perceives the world from the eyes. Probably, he would judge everything with the help of things from eyes.”
Suenaga thought he wouldn’t be able to imagine the would ordinary people see.
“I was given the ability to communicate with something in a spiritual world in exchange for eyesight. As the ordinary people rely on things from eyes, I decide everything by sensing a spiritual world.”
 Suenaga felt nervous because his words were odd. He didn’t know how to answer. After a few moments, Jougen opened his mouth.
“Do you have a bad conscience about your ancestors?”
 Suenaga felt relieved because Jougen told what it is hard to say.
“Yes, I haven’t told anyone about this thing…”
“If you would like to keep secret, please put your mind at ease. I’ll never tell to others. This kind of situation often happens. If Biwa minstrel tell to others, we would lose our trusts. And then we wouldn’t manage to live.”
Suenaga started his confession…  

To be continued.

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