Sunday, February 2, 2014

Japanese traditional culture ~46~Hina dolls

  We decorated Hina dolls at the entrance in my house.
  These dolls are decorated around March 3.
  They are wearing the clothes of Heian period.(more than one thousand years old)
The central figure of male is called "Odairi sama".
And the other side, the figure of female is called "Ohina sama"

  Each doll should be put on the right position.
(Actually, I learned that the old man should be put on the right side.
 I noticed that after taking these pictures.)
  I can image the clothes of nobles in Heian period easily.
I guess it is because we see these Hina dolls in our childhood.
Maybe these dolls would look unusual for your eyes.
  I heard my family decorated these dolls when I was a child.
I don't remember at all. We decided to decorate Hina dolls
because I started this blog. We did that to introduce our traditional culture!


Shantal ForSD said...

They are all beautiful and each doll has its own face expresson - each it Unique!

As always I am struck by the detail in ornaments - I can imagine it took really long time to make each and every piece of the clothing.

I have a little question on the male dolls (please, forgive my ignorance and the basic question): the hair style of the male dolls is a style that I somehow connect to China, not to Japan. Was is typical for males to have this type of hair style back in that period?

Thank you for telling us about this custom.


marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

The doll composer would need a lot of
training to make each one. I guess
it takes many years to learn their

I think the hair style is typical.
Historically, Japanese culture is influenced by Chinese culture so much.
Especially, people in old days went to China to learn many things such as
technology, religion, law, and so on.
Their clothes and hair style of China
affected Japanese people's lifestyle.
Japanese culture is mixed by many foreign cultures.
But I know there were some people who insist on focusing on Japanese
original culture in the Heian period.

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

The date is March 3. I made a mistake.