Friday, February 28, 2014

My work ~17~ picture book

I started to make a handmade picture book.
I posted about this topic on my face book page.
  As you know, Japan is the Kingdom of comic book.
I used to write some cartoons with my friends when I was kid.
  Young children like comic books in Japan.
I don't know how much there are children who spent their childhood on
writing cartoons.


Shantal ForSD said...

Do you do the drawings also yourself? I think that is hard, but then again, I can't draw a stick :(

I am wondering - it looks like you write from left to right and horizontally - not vertically and from right to left. What is the traditional way to write a Japanese printed book?

I recently picked up a book with stories, that are written both in Japanese and English. It was confusing, because the book also had a CD attached, but it was on the first page. I am used to CDs being on the last page of the book. Then I realized that may be it is on the last page - only I am looking at it from the back, instead of from the start :)

Hinamatsuri today - wish you a nice day!

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

If I knew someone who can help
me with drawing, I would have asked him or her. But unfortunately I didn't know anyone around me. So, I did it by myself...^^; (I drew a goat and dogtooth violets)

As you may know, Japanese sometimes is written from top to
bottom.(vertical writing)In that case,you turn the pages from right to left. It's the opposite of western way.

Can you get such Japanese books
easily in your country? I want to know how much people are interested in Japnaese language or Japanese culture.

Shantal ForSD said...

Actually, finding Japanese books is pretty hard over here. In Denmark there are only textbooks available (they are written in English). There are several books available via big book distributors, like, but the choice is not big.

Of course, trough the Internet, any Japanese book can be ordered online, but only from Japanese sites, which requires extended knowledge in Japanese - something that I don't have yet.

As for what is the interest in the Japanese culture - I would say that its not the most popular language over here. Japan is considered to be an exotic and interesting place, but the language is too hard, so there are not many people that study it, unfortunately.