Thursday, October 24, 2013

Japanese education ~11~ English education

  Today's newspaper says, Japanese Ministry of Education decided to start
English education from third grade(8~9 years old) at elementary school.
  In Japan, there is a English class at elementary school.
However, perhaps, it is once a week or so. It's a quite few.
  I think we should start to learn English more earlier age.
Some people say, we should not start learning the second language
before our first language develops. I think it doesn't matter so much.
The newspaper says, the education system would start from 2020,
the year when the Olympic will be held in Tokyo.


Shantal ForSD said...

I also think that the earlier kids start - the better.
2020 - this gives effectively 6 years for the government to find the resources and to educate the teachers for this project. Sounds like a possible plan, don't you think.

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

I agree. And Japanese people need to
learn how to introduce our culture
to people in the world.
Most of Japanese are shy.
We need to improve the skill to have
communication with people in other cultures.