Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Japanese expression ~ 12 ~ weeds

  They are  as tough as weeds.
Do you call the person who is very tough "weeds"?
  Japanese culture basically has the idea, Life is hard to live, I think.
So, we sometimes train people to live like weeds.
And when people say, I want to live like weeds, that means,
he  wants to live strongly even if he is not known his effort by
many people.

  I just wondered if there is this kind of expression in your culture.


Shantal ForSD said...
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Shantal ForSD said...

"троскот" - this is a special type of weed that grows in Bulgaria - it is extremely resistant to attempts to get rid of it and once you let it put down roots in your garden it is hard to become free from it again.
We call троскот people that are very persistant and don't give up. You would think that it is a good thing, but somehow, actually it is a negative thing to be called that - because people that pursue their goal with no regards to others are just like троскот that annihilates all other plants in its way.

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

That's interesting. There are same
expression in abroad as well.
We don't take it bad to make a lot
of efforts by asking for other's help.