Monday, June 10, 2013

Japanese habit/custom ~50~ kiss in the public

  I have seen the article about "World naked bike ride" on Internet.
In Japan, this kind of event would never happen  forever in the future.^ ^ ;
I  guess it is not understandable for Japanese to do that. I feel the cultural gap.
  And one more thing, usually people do not kiss in the public in Japan.
I feel the cultural gap when I go abroad.
  It is interesting to imagine how people in other culture see the world that
surrounds you. Even it it is normal for certain culture, it may not be acceptable for
the other culture. So, every sense of your recognitions would be accustomed
by person's culture when they grow.


Shantal ForSD said...

May be it is connected to how much different cultures care about embarrassing others? Or to how easily people get embarrassed.
Now I am living in a country that is almost diagonaly "opposite" to Japan - we are used to the naked marathons, and nudist beaches and most certaily to kissing in public. People don't care that much if they will embarrass somebody that sees them. We don't get that easily embarrassed when we see something like that, too, because we are so used to it. Maybe.
But one thing is for sure - whereever we goes, we should respect the ways of the local people. Tolerance is not a bad thing either :)

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

I agree.
But, I get surprised to hear
people do naked marathons.^^;
And of course we don't have
any nudist beaches in Japan.
I feel the cultural gap.