Friday, December 20, 2013

Japanese lifestyle ~71~The decoration at my wedding

I show you a decoration which I used at the wedding.
I bought these dolls to put on the reception desk.
I have introduced about Eto(えと) on this blog before.
There are the  twelve horary signs in our culture.

Let's review those signs.

1 the Rat
2 the Ox
3 the Tiger
4 the Hare
5 the Dragon
6 the Serpent
7 the Horse
8 the Sheep
9 the Monkey
10 the Cock
11 the Dog
12 the Boar

I was born in a year of the Horse. And the bride was born in the year of Rat.

Well, now the season in which I have to write a Nengajou is coming.
That is, I will send the New Years post cards to all people who came to
the wedding. And also, I need to write some more people.

I would like to value the Japanese yearly events. One of the reason is
that I introduce about something on this blog.

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