Sunday, December 1, 2013

Japanese lifestyle ~69~~Emoji orz ~

 In Japanese,   alcohol is called "Sake"
One kind of the Sakes is "Nihon syu".
The other day, I drank after my work.
That was one of my enjoyments in my daily life.
 Today, I found my memory card (the card that
contains a lot of photo data) was broken...
 I reminded that I spilled the Nihon syu over my desk.
Maybe the SD card was broken at that time.
  In that SD card, there were a lot of photos
I took in Germany. There were some photos of the stature of
Bach, Beethoven, and a drawing of Goethe.

 My memories in Germany have gone!! Such a cruel thing...


  By the way, do you know the " orz "?
This is a kind of "Emoji", a drawing with some letters.
Can you recognize a person kneeling down from that Emoji?
A head is left side. You can make is just by typing "o" "r" "z".

 Japanese people use this "orz", when you feel frustration.



Shantal ForSD said...

A! Took me a little time to see it, if I have to be honest, but now its very clear :)

I am sorry to hear about your lost photos. I guess, there is nothing else to do, but go to Germany again and make some new memories :)

I'll go make backup of my photos too, now that you reminded me of the danger.

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

For me, SD card is the tool for backup. Maybe I need a backup
for a back up memory.