Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My work 12(Not children's story but a short story) "The sound of dust"

  This year is going to finish soon. 
  I had various things in this year. This blog had one-year anniversary.
Today, the viewers of my blog have been recorded "13400". 
And people from 78 kinds of regions of the world have visited my blog.
  I hope the viewers go beyond 23000 next year.
  And one of the biggest things was to start writing stories more than ever.
I could not take time to do that at the end of the year though...。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

  By the way, today's dinner was Soba.
 Maybe, I remember posting the photo of Soba last year as well.
  We eat this soba on December 31st. We eat soba, hoping that we can live long
in our lives.  

  I translated the part of my work. I attach it on this last post of this year!
  This is not for children. I just tried to make a story of Samurai period.
I will attach the next one in the New Year.

  The aim of the 2014 is to write more stories. Don't you think the only way
to gain the fruitful life is to spend time for what you want to be in the future? 
  We say Yoi Otoshiwo! (よいお年を!=よいおとしを!)to everyone. 
It means like "Have a good year!"

  Hey everyone, Yoi Otoshiwo!

The sound of dust  ~1~

A drop of water fell on Jougen’s forehead. Jougen wiped forehead. He knew that it was large drop of rain from the touch of the finger-tip. He rose immediately. He was taking a rest under the tree near a small temple.
The large drop of rain spread over the square of the precincts of the temple. He hid under the small roof of the temple.
“We have had a heavy rain quite often recently. That’s unusual…”
 A monk appeared in a corridor.
“This sky shows the unrest of this world.”
Jougen said to the person with his face tuned upward to the sky. Jougen didn’t know the color of the sky facing then. Moreover, he had never seen the grain of the wooden corridor. He went up the steep stairs to come to the temple, called Saimyou-ji . However, he had never seen the color of the stone stairs. He had never seen the color of the rosebay that was flourishing besides the stone stairs. Jougen was a natural blind person.
“Where are you going?”
The monk in Saimyou-temple asked to Jougen.
“The house ahead…”
“You mean, Mr. Suenaga’s house.”
“I don’t know his name.”
  The monk got surprised to know the blind man was about to visit the house without knowing the lord of the house.
“His name is Suenaga.”
“I see.”
  The rain stopped. A lot of sun light came from the break in the cloud all over the area.
Jougen drawed his instrument, “Biwa” close to him. And he wiped the Biwa on his towel.
  Jougen heard the monk’s voice from his back.
“The samurai you’re going to meet get mad easily. You need to pay attention to your words.”
“Oh, I see. I appreciate it. But I don’t spare my life.”
  Jougen held his Biwa in his arms and stood up. He started to walk slowly. An aged samurai was unnoticeably standing there. There were a lot of wrinkles on the aged samurai’s face. His armor and helmet was broken a bit. The aged samurai lead Jougen
to outside the temple.
 “Mr. Jougen, this is Suenaga-sama.”
  The aged samurai asked Jougen to sit down in front of the host and went out the room.
“Mr. Jougen, I know the reputation of your storytelling. I would like you to show me your storytelling.”
“Certainly, but, the salary won’t be low. We can survive by such fee.”
“Of course, I know. I’m ready.”
  After having remained silent for a while, Jougen took hold his Biwa in his stomach. And it became silent a few moments. He was mumbling. He seemed to talk with someone. And then he made a frown and sounded a string of Biwa with the plectrum. The room echoed with the sound of a string. Jougen started to sing.

The sound of bell from Gionsyouja (Buddhist temple)
It reminds of impermanence
The blossoms of the sal-tree proclaim that prosperity is subject to decline.
Insolent men are fated to go to their doom.
It is the same in ephemeral

 After he finished the foreword, the room fell silent again. Suenaga gazed at Jougen’s storytelling and said.
“Mr. Jougen, I would like you to do “Nasuno Yoichi (the name of samurai)”.
Jougen didn’t say anything. However, he suddenly sounded a string again…

 To be continued

Thanks for reading!

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