Sunday, December 29, 2013

Japanese lifestyle ~72~ The door in Japan

  I found an interesting article on Japanese styled door.
It was written about the difference of Japan and other countries.
  Japanese door opens outward like below.
  How about your country? I guess the door may open inward.
  I've heard that the door which opens inward has the meaning of
welcoming the guests. I've been to abroad some times, but
I did not check the doors.
  But why does Japanese door open outward?
  The article I read says, it is because we have the custom to
take off shoes. So the door opens outward so that people
can keep the space to put on their shoes.


Shantal ForSD said...

In BG we design the doors in order to make a quick escape possible. We have this rule: if the room is supposed to be for less them 4 people, the door opens inwards. If the room is for more then 4 people - it opens outwards. It is like this, because when many people are gathered in a room (lets say a big office), then they have the chance with combined effort to kick the door out, in case of an emergency (for example fire) - so the door opens outwards. On the other hand, if there is only one person in the room (for example a regular house), then that person cannot kick the door open by himself. In that case, the door is designed to open inwards, so that people that come to help can kick it open from outside.
I hope I managed to explain it well enough.

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

I see. The doors are designed in case
people can escape from the house.

The type of door depends on the
number of residence.
That's interesting.