Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Japanese Education ~ 9 ~ 読書感想文(どくしょかんそうぶん)

 Japanese elementary school usually assign the students
to write a 読書感想文(dokusyo kansoubun) in summer vacation.
  That is an essay after you read a book. This homework often
annoy children because they don't get used to writing an essay.
And they don't know what and how to write it.
  As one of the students asked me how to write it at the
Japanese class, I wrote a direction to write it...


Shantal ForSD said...

I think kids all over the world hate this kind of assignments :)

I can't read all that you have written, and I am impressed that kids in elementary school can read all those kanji :)

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

Do you also have this sort of
assignment in your country?
That's interesting.

This paper is for 6th grade
of elementary school.(11~12 years old) They have to learn Kanji
almost every day in school.

Shantal ForSD said...

I think it exists in all countries. Back in Bulgaria, when each school year ended, we would get a list of (about 20) books that we are supposed to read during the summer vacation. Then we were supposed to write an essay on 3 of them. (things might have changed now - this was back in kommunistic time)

Another assignment for the summer vacation (that we also hated) was: write an essay "what I did in my summer vacation" I personaly hated it, because I always had to make up stories in order to sumbit something: I come from a family where everybody had to work, even kids. So, if I had to write the truth about what I did in my summer it would be: "All summer, I would get up at 5am, work all day, read from the 20 books and go to bed at 10:30pm" - not an interesting reading :)

Anonymous said...

In French Canada, they don't give assignments over the summer;)

marimari said...

To Shantal ForSD

When I was kid, I had to write
a dialy with drawing on each day.
And as I was lazy, I used to write
most of the days at the end of the
summer vacation at once.