Friday, August 16, 2013

Japanese traditional culture ~28~Bon okuri

Today, I will go to my family's grave.
This event is called bon okuri. The spirits of dead go back to
the next world. We need to clean the grave.


Shantal ForSD said...

How often do you visit the graves?

Is it usual in Japan to visit graves that are very old?

In Bulgaria, we are not supposed to visit very old graves - it is said that it desturbs the spirits of long dead people.

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

That's interesting.
During the Bon season, I went
at the beginning and the end
of Bon. So, I went twice.
It is the only chance to go to
the grave in a whole year.

marimari said...

But, I am afraid the land of
your grave would have a lot of
weeds if you don't clean it.