Friday, August 2, 2013

Japanese traditional culture ~25~ souvenir

  One of the students in my English class brought me a souvenir.
He is 6th grade of elementary school(11~12 years old.).
He told me that he went to Hokkaido during his summer vacation.
(In Japan, students are in summer vacation.)
  This means he gave the thanks for everyday's class.
Do you do that in your culture?

 Of course I was pleased to get it. ^ ^


Shantal ForSD said...

Definitely no such traditions here in Denmark. Presents are given only on special ocasions - birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings - and only by close friends/relatives.

Back in Bulgaria, its again the same story, but we also have tradition to bring home souvenirs if we have been abroad - again only to our closest.

A couple of friends from Japan are here visiting now and I received a beautiful まめぐい present - so carefully and neatly wrapped - I felt like I was doing something wrong just by unwrapping it. Really cool gift :)

Nvaier said...

We don't give presents very often, here in Poland, unless it's a really special occasion like a wedding, a birthday(only until around 20), or a name day(from 20+).
I think this particular Japanese tradition is pretty nice, though I've heard it can be tough on your wallet if you work with a lot of people(and have to gift all of them O_O).

Cheers! :)

Oh, by the way. You made a slight typo in the word "souvenir".

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

What's まめぐい!?
Is that the name of sweet or something?

marimari said...


Occasionally, teacher also buy
souvenir for students. Exchanging gifts or souvenir is our tradition.

Shantal ForSD said...

It is basically a box with four small packages - neatly wrapped in a small cloth, that (if I understood correctly) is painted in some special way. The cloth can be used for handcurchieve, or anything, really. Inside the small packages there are different types of small sweets or small baked goods - sweet, hot, salty ...

My guests were from Osaka and Tokyo - may be this shop does not exist all over the country, but only in Tokyo?

Anonymous said...

In Canada, students usually give gifts twice a year (Christmas and the end of the school year in June). ...By the way, I love the cookies on the picture!!!! They are my favorite!!!

marimari said...


Oh,you've eaten this sweet?
That's interesting.
But why??? Can you get it in