Sunday, September 15, 2013

Japanese lifestyle ~66~ NOZOMI

  When I went to Kansai area, I got on a shinkansen, named NOZOMI.
As you may know, it's so fast train.
  When you are on train, you'll see some sales staffs who are selling
some foods and drinks. She behave so politely in the train like
cabin attendants.

  When you have a chance to get on NOZOMI, you should see the
garbage collectors. Their technique of cleaning is excellent. They clean
so quickly, and behave politely. They have only ten minutes to clean
the inside of train. But they always complete their jobs.
I think there are no garbage cleaners like them in the world.
I am thinking they should be respected.
The garbage cleaners may be prejudiced. But the cleaners of NOZOMI have
sophisticated skills.


Shantal ForSD said...

Oh, I still have so much to learn - I did not know that there are different types of shinkansen. Now, thanks to your post I've researched a bit and it is astounding the variety of shinkansen lines.

My impression is that Japanese workers are effective as a rule. I was very impressed by the Japanese embassy here in Copenhagen: a friend of mine was robbed and thus lost her passport during her visit here. The embassy was able to provide her with new travel documents in a couple of days - thus, allowing her to go back to Japan on schedule with no delays - that is very efficient work!

What is the japanese name for the garbage collectors on nozomi?

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

I don't know the name.
The name of the company is TESSEI.
I've read a book on their job before.