Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Japanese traditional culture ~33~A gift for the guests. Hikidemono ひきでもの(引き出物)

 Usually, bride and groom give some gifts for the guests of his and her wedding.
The number of the gifts should be the odd number in my region.
But it seems that the region of my friend doesn't have such tradition.
Because I got two kinds of gifts at his wedding.
This is the photo of Shin Osaka station which is near Osaka.
(It's pretty far from my hometown. It took more than 5 hours by train)

The bride and groom broke the top of sake barrel.

  These are the gifts from the bride and groom called Hikidemono.

  One of the gifts was a baumkuchen(it's Germany).
The image is Mt. Fuji.

And the other was Ramen bowl and a ramen.
This gift is interesting. You get only bowls. And you choose the ramen
you want to eat and send a mail. You'll get the ramen a few days later.
You can eat ramen with the bowls from the bride and groom.
I have already known this kind of gift before.
Each ramen on catalog is famous one in each region in Japan, from Hokkaido
to Kagoshima(southen region).


Nvaier said...

Oh, a baumkuchen? It's very popular here in Poland a is also my favorite cake :)
They're called "Sękacz" here, and can be pretty expensive. Oh and no one really knows which county it comes from, because both Germany and Poland have their own versions of the story hehe.
I'm just surprised to see something so familiar :)

marimari said...

Baumkuchen is quite popular sweet
in Japan too. We often see those
sweets. I didn't know there are
differences between Polish Baumkuchen and German one.

Shantal ForSD said...

Ramen from a catalog that arrives later - this is very interesting idea :)

Weddings in Japan seem to be very expensive for the bride and groom? If thy must make so many presents to all guests ... In Danish culture it is the other way around - guests come with presents to the new family.

Interesting enough, in Bulgarian tradition, the bride and groom make presents to the guests - like in Japan. But we prepare those presents for a long time. Often the parents of the bride start preparing for her wedding years before that.

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

It's so expensive. So, maybe parents
give the financial support.

It's good business for bride companies.