Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Japaense lifestyle ~60~school trip

  Some of students in my English class have gone to Kyoto.
It's school trip for the, Students spend 3 days in Kyoto.
They leave our prefecture from 6 a.m. and go to Kyoto by bus.
Maybe it would be more than 7 hours by bus.
They are going to look around the temples in Kyoto.
  They are junior high school students. In my case, I went
to Kyoto at our school trip when I was in high school.
That was so nice trip. The atmosphere of Kyoto is fascinating.
I went to a university in Kyoto because I wanted to live in Kyoto
for a while. Actually, I have lived in Kyoto about 7 years in total
in my life.
  Well, I assigned one thing to the students in my class.
  There are many travelers from abroad, so assignment is to talk with
those foreigners. I gave them some useful phrases, such as
"Can I talk with you a few minutes? Or are you busy?
 How long will you stay in Japan?, Did you eat Japanese food?...
  Thank you, Nice to talk with you. etc."
  Actually, they should think those phrases by themselves. But
I thought some of them couldn't make those phrases.
  As I said on this blog, it is hard for children to find opportunities
to talk with foreigners in English. Trip in Kyoto is good chance to do that, I think.


Shantal ForSD said...

Great idea - I am sure it will be fun for both sides - both for the kids and for the foreigners.
I am impressed by the bravery of some japanese teenagers. I've seen many adds where they offer to be a tour guide for foreigners visiting Japan, just to get the oportunity to practice their English skills - that takes guts and special form of courage.

marimari said...

To Shantal ForSD

Oh, where did you see the ad?

Shantal ForSD said...

I have an account in JapanGuide - rather big site for information about Japan. There is also a forum there and people can post adds - "looking for pen-pall", "travel guide" ... all kids of stuff.

It is a good place to connect people and I am sure if your students want to find a pen-pall or want to practice English, they can find a contact there.

(em, of course, if the kids are young:::: it is the Internet, so warn them to tread carefully - you never know who you talk to, so they should not post personal info)

marimari said...

Shantal ForSD

Yes, I know this site.
Actually, I have showed this
blog several times on this site before.
Do you think this site is the
biggest one?

Yes,children don't know how to
use Internet appropriately.
So, I am not sure if I should
recommend to practice in that way.