Monday, May 13, 2013

Japanese saying ~16~ち chi

The saying that begins from chi ち is
ちりも つもれば やまとなる(chiri mo tsumoreba yamatonaru)

chiri = dust
tsumoru= lay
yama = mountain

 This saying may be translated to "Many a little makes a mickle".
If I translate the Japanese saying, If dusts were accumulated, those
would become mountain. It's hard to translate...
 Each dust is so small. But if those dusts are accumulated, they would
become mountain...
 I always keep this idea in my mind...

How often do you hear this kind of idea in your culture?


Shantal ForSD said...

"капка по капка язовир става"

this Means something like: drop by drop (of Water) and it becomes a lake.

We use this a lot in Bulgaria and has pretty much the same meaning as the Japanese saying :)

marimari said...

To Shantal ForSD

It looks like Russian.
I guess I wouldn't be able to
pronounce well...
Maybe this philosophy is
recognized as true thing all
over the world...