Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Japanese saying ~17~つtsu

   I haven't posted on this blog recently.
That's because I have to prepare for my English class and Japanese class.
I have classes of English and Japanese.
  When I am teaching at my class, I sometimes get surprised to hear
what student's saying. Today, I had a class of Japanese. We read the
article on environmental problem. There were three students.
(They are 6 grade at elementary school. They are 11 years old.)
One of them have known about Ozone layer. And he has known that
there are a lot of the ultraviolet rays in the southern hemisphere.
  One of the students worried about something. That is,
we have made too many factories and eliminated a lot of trees.

  Today's saying

つりおとした さかなは おおきい

意味 もうすこしという ところで にがして しまったものは、
    すばらしいものだったように かんじる ものだ。
 If you let a fish escape, you must feel it was a great one.
One is apt to think that the fish that got away was very big.

  Do you have this kind of saying?


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