Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Japanese expression ~3~ itadakimasu,gochisousama

  On this posting, I will tell you about Japanese expression.
Before you eat a food, do you say something in your culture?
We say, ''Itadakimasu!''
  Some people fold their hands like Budda  besides saying that.(I don't do that)
  Itadakimasu means the polite expression of "Itadaku''(Japanese learner may know
masu is polite expression in Japanese)
 And "Itadaku"is polite expression of ''eat''. This expression sounds modesty.
We say Itadakimasu with thanks.
 I am not sure for whom we give the thanks before we eat.
If the person is not Christian, he or she would not say that to God.
Actually, there are many Buddist in japan. But we don't give the thanks to Budda.
We just say that as tradition.
Some of people may give the thanks for farmers.(This sense may be individual in Japan)
Some of people may give the thanks for ancestors.
Maybe it depends on the education of each family.
In my case, I just follow the tradition.

And in your culture, do you say anything after you eat something?
We say,"Gochisousama!"
It means like, "the dishes are good". This phrase sounds polite.
And people say this to give the thanks to the cookers.
I am working at Japanese restaurant. Customers also say this phrase to the
waiters. Customers say this to give the thanks for all people at the restaurant.

 So, when you do to Japanese restaurant, how about you say these phrase?

Thanks for reading. Please give me any advices.

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Markus said...

In Finland people don't really have any customs like that before eating. Religious people may give thanks but in general there isn't anything like itadikimasu.
After eating it's polite thank whoever have prepared a meal but I think nowadays most people are skipping that part as well.

Your blog is really interesting. keep on posting!

marimari said...

Thank you for leaving your comment. Thank you for telling about your country.
And thank you for your encouragement!!^^

Saku said...

In Germany we say "Guten Appetit" before eating. After eating we don't really say anything traditional. ^^

marimari said...

Oh,maybe I have heard of that.^^
I feel uneasy if I don't say
anything after eating.

Delilah said...

France now :) "bon appetit", like in germany. Only religious (christian) thanks god before they eat.
After eating? When you are invited (friends or family), you congratulate the cooker after one or two mouthful. "It's really good". Even my boyfriend says it to me everytime we eat together. Maybe he's afraid I stop cooking for him if he doesn't say it ;)
At the restaurant, the waiter, when he clear the table, ask if everything was ok, and we answer everything was fine and good.

marimari said...

The expression seems similar to Germany. The majority of Japanese people don't believe in
I don't know to whom most of Japanese say Itadakimasu.
It is vague.
But it is certain that most of Japanese people have the sense of thanks when they say Itadakimasu.