Friday, November 23, 2012

The price in Japan ~2~ shampoo

 Today's morning, the temperature is 14.7 degree.
It becomes harder for me to get up early in the morning.^ ^ ;

  I introduce the price of shampoo in Japan.
When I went to Germany last year, I found the price of shampoo
was more reasonable than Japan.
  I think the price shampoo is from around 700 yen to more 3000 yen in Japan.
(6.59~28.23 Euro   8.49~36.38 US dollar) The most cheapest shampoo
may be around 400 yen.
 Probably, I could buy about 3 Euro in Germany.

 But I really don't know the quality. The shampoo of 3000 yen does not
always suit on you.


Saku said...

3000 yen for Shampoo?? Wow this just kind of knocked me out... (O_o)
Usually my Shampoo is about 4-5 Euro. But there are some more expensive Shampoos, too. Anyway I don't think I've ever seen a bottle with more then 15-20 Euro. (^-^;
(Of course there are some very expensive noble Shampoos for rich people, but you can't buy them in a common supermarket)

marimari said...

Yes. I found 3000 yen shampoo on internet. It is a medical shampoo.
I think it cares your head so much.
It must be high quality shampoo.

Anonymous said...

Really? Where do you live exactly? Here in Kyoto I got some shampoo for 105en (in a 100en shop, of course).

marimari said...

Oh, I got it.
100 yen shop is exception. ^^;
I will introduce about 100 yen shop
in the future. Thanks for giving me a comment.
I am living in Gunma.