Saturday, November 3, 2012

Japanese lifestyle ~10~ CultureDay

  Today is 3rd November. Today is holiday in Japan.
The name is ''CultureDay''.
And today is also the day when our constitution was promulgated in 1946.
  Our Constitution is based on the idea of peace and culture.
So, the law about the national holiday provides that today is the cultural day.
As I told you on this blog, it is said that the autumn is the season for culture
and art here in Japan.
  I introduce what kinds of thing happen here.
1 The Order of Culture are awarded by our emperor at the Imperial Palace Plaza.
2 Some art festivals are held by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
3 Some museums hold events or open for free.
4 The big competition of Kendo is held at the Nihon budo kan.

 Well, today is cultural day. It is special day!
So, I would like to show my piano play.(I like to play the piano.)
The pieces are Partita 1 Predium and Corrente by J.S.Bach.


Thanks for reading!
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Delilah said...

Keep on playing, and thanks for sharing :)

marimari said...

Thank you so much!!
I keep practice.^^