Thursday, November 8, 2012

Japanese lifestyle ~11~ kakaa denka

  Do you think Japanese culture is a male-dominated society?
Do you have the image of that?
  Probably, there are not a lot of women who are in a important post
in Japanese culture. Actually, it is said that the number of female politician
is lower than the other developed countries.
  But when I turn my attention to the younger generation,(lower than 40 years old)
I guess there are not so many people who think man should be stronger than
woman. That is just my opinion. So, I can't generalize what I am thinking.
I have some friends who got married. All of my friends have not dominated the
family, like "do this, do that!"
  I think older generation (more than 60 years old) build up the image of a male-
dominated society.
  As for our generation,(I am 33 years old) it is hard for me to imagine the husband(father)
who can control all of the family. If the man has the strong idea of making
a  male dominated family, the woman would not get married to him nowadays.

I will tell you a Japanese expression. That is "kakaa denka"
It means "the henpecked wife".
kakaa= mother
denka= dominated
  Gunma prefecture, my hometown is known as the region where there are
many kakaa denka family.
 Actually, the wife of each family still do house works in Japan.
But the wife controls the family budget. So, I have heard of wife who enjoys
shopping, buying  big name brands, such as Gucci,  LOUIS VUITTON and PRADA...
But she does not give money to her husband at all. ^ ^ ;
  Husband manages to survive, eating a lunch of just 500 yen while his wife
sometimes eat 1500 yen lunch.
This is pity but funny story. But it actually sometimes happens in Japan. 
 So, I doubt that Japanese culture is a real male domestic culture.

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Delilah said...

Maybe the men who say the women have lunch for 1500 yen and them, 500, and women spend money needlessly would like to see the return of male domination :))

marimari said...

Oh,it is possible.But I don't know internal condition of them.