Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Japanese habit/custom ~8~ Amida kuji

I introduce one more way to decide the winer between people.
It is called Amida kuji.

Here there are 5 people. They need to decide the order among them.
1  You write down 5 strings.
2 You write the number below.
3 You write down the line like this way.

4 Everybody chooses the line.(You write the name above of the line)
   You go down. you have to go to the direction when you come to the horizontal line.
This way is useful when you need to decide the order among many people.
Thanks for reading. Please give me any advices.

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Saku said...

Oh this is cool! :D
I've never seen this before. ^_^

marimari said...

How about you tell about this amidakuji to your friends?

Delilah said...

We also do heads or tails, but I think it's common to all the cultures..

Saku said...

Yes, maybe I will do it next time we need it! :D