Sunday, November 11, 2012

Japanese habit/custom ~5~ omimai

  When you go to hospital to see the injured person, what do you bring for your family or friends?
"Omimai" means "going to hospital to see someone".
  Japanese people bring fruits or flowers when we go to hospital to see the injured people.
But there are some taboo in Japanese culture.
 A potted plant is one of the taboo.
  Because a potted plant take root, people associate that  the disease hang on for a long time.
 A chrysanthemum is one of the taboo.
 Because Japanese people decorate the room  with chrysanthemums at the funeral.
 A camellia is taboo.
Because whole of  petal fall all together at once.
It is said this associate with people's death.
 Do you have any taboo like these in your culture?

Thanks for reading. Please give me any advices.

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Delilah said...

We bring flowers but I'm not sure there are taboo.. Bring a magazine, a book, the newspaper is also appreciated but I think most of the time, especially if it's not a close relative, we bring flowers.
Not chrysantemum neitheir, these flowers are mostly used to flower the graves!

marimari said...

If the injured person likes to read a book, it must be good to
bring a book or magagine.^^

Saku said...

I bring sweets to the hospitalized people to make them happy ^_^
I don't know about any taboos, too.