Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Japanese food ~11~ Tsuke men

   I went to ramen shop a couple of days ago.
I had a "Tsuke men" there.
Tsuke = put on
men = noodle
The price was 800 yen. (7.77 Euro / 66.50 SEK /312.18 RUB)
The taste of soup base was chicken. And I added the tasted egg
as a topping.
  The tsukemen is a variation of noodle. The noodle and the soup are
separated. We eat the noodle, putting on the soup every time.
  After the cooker boil the noodle, he  put the noodle on the cold water
just a while. And, normally, cookers use the thick noodle.
  Tsukemen became so popular nowadays. I often see this tsukemen.
But when I was kid, I have never seen this type of noodle at
ramen shop. I think somebody got the idea for this tsukemen
from the udon.
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