Sunday, October 21, 2012

Japanese food ~6~ Raamen book

  I have two kinds of raamen book. This books introduce good raamen shop in the Gunma(群馬) prefecture.
  This book introduce 184 kinds of raamen shop.

  When you read this book, you must notice there are so many raamen shop in Gunma. Gunma is local area, which is located in 150 km from Tokyo. Here is country side and even Japanese people
would not point the location directly. (But there are 2 million population in Gunma)
 This book introduce a lot of raamen according to the taste such as  ''shou yu= soy sauce'' ''shio =
salt'' ''tonkotsu = bone of pork'' and ''miso = miso is miso. Miso is made from soy beans. You
may have heard miso soup''.
 And also, this book introduce the good shop of gyoza. Some Japanese people like to eat raamen
with gyoza.
 Do you know tsukemen? Maybe no.
Tsukemen became so popular in Japan now.
Tsuke = put on
men = noodle
Tsukemen is the type of noodle you put on the soup each time.(when I eat tsukemen in the
future, I will attach the photo.)
  Raamen enthusiast like to check these kind of book and go around the raamen shop in holiday.
You can check the location of each raamen shop.

  This book has the coupons of each shop. You can have special service with this coupon such as
you can oder gyoza or drink for free.

  In Japan, there are many kinds of TV program on  gourmet. On those kinds of program,
the casts go around the restaurant and eat the main foods of the restaurant. It may be the
same as foreign TV program.
 But, there may be  a difference between foreign TV program.
On those kinds of TV program, the cast never say badly when they eat. Even the cast
taste so bad, they would have to say ''It's very good!!!''. For Japanese people, it is natural.
If the cast say ''This is too salty or too spicy'' or complain about something, the restaurant
owner or cooker would lose his or her face.  And Japanese audience would feel pitiful for the
owner and cooker. The owner or cooker introduce their dishes for advertisement. So, the cast
can not say badly at all. I have heard the cast complain about they sometimes have to tell a lie.
 But now I sometimes see  a critic criticize the dishes in front of camera.
 I have heard foreign people are bored to see Japanese cast always say'' It's very good.' in front
of camera. And also many Japanese people get bored to see such TV program.

I want to watch the gourmet TV program of abroad.

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