Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Japanese lifestyle ~8~ heating system

  My pen friends told to me that it is snowing in Europe.
It is unbelievable for me. In this morning, the temperature is 17.3 degree
here in Japan. In my hometown, we don't have snowing so much in a year.
Maybe once or twice a year. But the area such as Niigata(north side of Japan)
and Hokkaido is famous for the great amount of snowing.
  It is not unusual in those district for more than 3 meter of snow to
accumulate on the ground. So people who live in those district have to
clean the snow frequently. Those task must be so hard.

  I would like to introduce how Japanese people heat the room
in our daily life.
 I think the heating like below is the most popular in Japan.The maker of my
heating is MITSUBISHI. This is electrical heating.
And, I sometimes use this type of heating.
It gets heat more quickly than the heating above.
And, people also use this kind of heating below.
This type of heating needs the oil.
  Tomorrow, I will introduce the other heating system.

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Saku said...

I saw the heater from the first photo several times in videos. Always thought this is a climate system to cool the room down in summer.
Or can it be both?

marimari said...

Yeah,mine can be both.
I think it is usual here.

Saku said...

I see. This is cool. ^_^
I have to use different things in summer and winter, it's annoying.. haha