Saturday, October 27, 2012

Japanese habit/custom ~2~ kita makura

Kita = the north
Makura = a pillow

  On this column, I introduce the sleeping style of Japanese people.
In our culture, it is said that  when you go to sleep, you should not
lay with your head toward the north.
  It is called ''kita makura''.
In Japanese culture, it is inauspicious.
  I follow this habit. So, when I sleep, I lay with head toward the east.
And when I go to travel, I sometimes mind the direction of bed.
(But mostly the place where I am staying is unfamiliar for me so I don't know
which is the north ^ ^ ;)

 But why is that?

 I heard from my parents that the Buddha laid with his head toward the north
when he died. This habit has been allowed only when people die.
 If you travel to Japan, the bed of your hotel may not be laid with your head
toward the north.

Thank you for reading.
I would like to introduce about Japanese religion little by little.


Delilah said... it's said you'll have a better sleep if your head in in the north.. a restorative sleep.. Who told me that? Maybe he wished harmed to me? I'll turn my bed ;)

marimari said...

I think the Buddist in Japan
(especially older people)believe
the kita makura is not good thing.
I think they do not follow the custom for their hearth.
It is just tradition.