Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Japanese food ~ 8 ~ sushi

  I ate a sushi the day before yesterday.
I will write something about sushi.
We sometimes say ''osushi'' instead of sushi. In Japanese, if you say ''o'' before the word,
it sometimes  become  more polite.
ocha= tea
obenkyou = study
ojikan = time
okaikei = cash
okane = money
....etc. There are many cases. But it is not always. So, maybe you have to remember each
case if you are studying Japan.
  I think woman often say ''o'' to speak politely.

  I bought a sushi pack at supermarket.

There are some kinds of ''Neta''.
Neta means ''material on rice''.
I had tuna, shrimp, salmon, squid
In Japan sushi pack at supermarket is 700~1000 yen.(6.75~9.64 Euro, 8.76 ~12.52 US dollar,
274.92~ 392.74 RUB)
But you want to eat good sushi, you have to go to sushi restaurant.
It costs more than 1500 yen~(14.46 Euro, 18.78 US dollar, 589.14 RUB)

How often do we eat sushi?
In my case, it is about twice a month. I don't know how often Japanese people go to eat
sushi in average.
I like sushi so much.
My favorite are salmon, shrimp, and tuna.
If you go to sushi bar in Japan, you can eat many variation of salmon.
For example, aburi salmon, salmon with onion, salmon with mayonnaise.
I have eaten sushi in Germany when I went to a trip.(but it was made by Chinese ^^;)
In Japan, there are more kinds of sushi. I want you to try them
I want to introduce Japanese sushi some day on this blog.
Do you know kaiten zushi?
kaiten = round
zushi = sushi
The history of kaiten zushi goes back to 1958 (from Wikipedia). At the sushi bar,
there is a huge belt conveyor. And sushi on a conveyor move around the restaurant.
You can take any plates. Each plate costs about 100 yen ~ 300 yen. It depends on the
sushi bar. I learned that there is kaiten zushi in London, USA and in Australia.
When I go to the kaiten zushi next time, I would like to introduce more.


Saku said...

In Germany there is "kaiten zushi", too. We call it "running sushi". ^_^
Most restaurants have "all you can eat", so you have to pay about 14 Euro and can eat as much as you can. But there are also some to pay for each plate.
I really love Sushi <3

marimari said...

Really in Germany?
I have not seen the running sushi
in Frankfurt,Stuttgart or Berlin.
I am interested in who makes the
sushi. Are there any sushi mister?
Or machine makes sushi?

Delilah said...

There's also one in Nancy, France, the cost vary with the color of the plate. Some friends of mine have tried, I didn't, they said it was good and fun but more expensive than eating a menu at the table. Because of all the sushis going in front of you, you just want to try all and can't resist ;)

I thought you ate sushi more than twice a month, but finaly, it's as expensive as in France..

marimari said...

I think the Japanese system is same as the sushi bar in Nancy.
The price depends on the colour of plate.

I will write in detail when I write about kaiten zushi on this blog.