Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Japanese traditional culture ~2~ a specialty store

  Today, I went to a store specializing in Hashi(chopsticks). The name of the shop was Hashi-kyu
I have been interested in this shop since before.

 At this shop, there are 400 kinds of hashi. The mister of this shop use the good quality of
woods. And each hashi is coated by special kind of lacquer.
  It is good not only for use of yourself, but for the gift to someone.
 And this shop supply the custom-made hashi.
  And also, you can ask the mister to carve your name on your chopsticks.
  I found the chopsticks for eating pasta. The end of chopstick was rolled. I hope to buy it and
introduce the chopsticks on this blog in the future.

 You can get your original chopsticks here.

The price is from about 1500 yen ~  (19.03 US dollar , 14.62 Euro)
The high rank chopsticks are around 10000 yen... (126.84 US dollar  97.47 Euro)

I want my original hashi...

I am using this hashi at home.(below)

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