Monday, October 22, 2012

Japanese traditional culture ~4~ Yoshizu

  It is getting colder in Japan. In this morning, it is 22 degree.In summer, here was very very hot. Usually it was more than 35 degree.
I am living in the hottest place in Japan. Here is like desert in summer.
Especially, I can not sleep because it is too hot.
And also, the moisture is very high. So, I sometimes think desart must be more
confortable than here.

 Tokyo is not like here. But it is sure that the temperture sometimes become
more than 35 degree. So, if you want to travel in Japan, I recommend to avoid the
hottest season.

 By the way, I am going to put away the  reed screen above.
We call this stuff ''Yoshizu''. Yoshizu is made by a reed.
 I think this is very nice tool in summer. This yoshizu block the light and inside of the
room become cooler.
 This seems old stylish tool, but Japanese people still use this yoshizu.

Do you have this kind of tool in your culture?

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Delilah said...

There is not enough sun here, the summer is not so hot so we don't need this ;) We only have shutters.
In south of France, they use blind or porch roof.

marimari said...

I envy you. France must be confortable to live in summer.