Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Japanese lifestyle ~6~ Ohayougozaimasu

  I write about strange and misterious thing on this column.
Have you heard the word ''Ohayougozaimasu''?
  Maybe many Japanese learner would learn this word at first.
Yes, we say Ohayougozaimasu when we meet people in the morning.

  ''Aisatsu(=greeting)'' is very important when you make good relationship
with someone. A freshman (a new employee) must be educated to do
''Aisatsu'' appropriately when they start to work at company.
I used to learn some kinds of important Aisatsu(=greeting) at job training.
Fresh man doesn't always have the habit of greeting.
Japanese greetings are such as...

1 Ohayougozaimasu =Good morning.
2 Otsukaresamadeshita
3 Arigatougozaimasu
4 Kashikomarimashita
 = when you are ask to do something, you say this phrase(consent to do something).
 This expression is polite.
5 Syousyou Omatikudasai  = Please wait for a minute.(As you may know, Japanese people
have strict rule on time)
6 Shitsureishimasu   =  it means like''Excuse me''
7  Itsumo Osewa ni natteorimasu (it is hard to explain!! It means like ''thank you for
taking care of me'')

By the way, I have strange and misterious story.
I am working at Japanese restaurant. I started to work there two months ago.
I am working from 10:00 to 14:30. and  17:30 to 21:00 in the evening.
 When I started to work, I learned that people who work in the field of restaurant business say ''Ohayougozaimasu'' whenever they start to work. So, I have to say Ohayougozaimasu
when I start to work from 17:30. Supposedly, in Japan,the workes at restaurant say ''Ohayougozaimasu'' even in the evening when they start to work.
When I noticed that, I asked the co-worker ''why is that''.
She just answered, ''this is our habit''.

I think most of Japanese people, who are working at the other industry, don't know about this.

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